WE at MASTA; always crave for continual improvement and excel the quality to meet and match with the footsteps of INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF QUALITY; have upgraded our foundry facilities with most high-tech machines and equipment for more productive and consistent quality of castings.

  • Disa-match high pressure moulding line
  • Arpa Moulding machines
  • Compaq fully automatic cold core shooting machines
  • Dual track induction furnace
  • Metal Pouring on Bi-rail ladle lifting crane with servo motor to move the ladle most accurately from mould to mould.
  • Excellent testing laboratory for sand, metal and finish products.
  • Shot blasting and fettling facilities

Power supply unit of 1100 KW With Dual Track Crucibles of 500kgs x 2Nos. Furnaces

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