TS - Labyrinth seal

The clearance between the housing seal grooves and steps on labyrinth seal permits approx. 0.3° of angular misalignment.

Generally known as Labyrinth ring consisting of Cast Iron metal ring with a radial groove and a step which fits in the seal groove of the housing. A hollow rubber cord fits in between the shaft and inside groove of the labyrinth ring to hold it on the shaft.

Permissible Operating Temperature : Ranging from -50°c to 200°c

For through shaft 2 number of Labyrinth Seals have to be ordered and for end shaft/close end; one seal is required. Designation TSN 516 S such as TSN 516 S

It is suitable for high-speed operation, suitable for grease lubrication. It prevents ingrace of foreign particles such as dust, fine and coarse particulate contaminants.

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