TL - Four Lip seal

Four Lip Seals are replacement of former Double Lip Seals, produced from thermoplastic elastomer material. The new seals are more effective as they also generate less friction and enables higher shaft speeds. Four-lip seals are radially split and easy to replace and mount.

Each package of four-lip seals contains two seals suitable for both side of the housing. Masta supplies TSN– L Type seals in (set) 1 set = Four Halves of Rings.

Four-lip seal that can accommodate peripheral speeds up to 13 m/s. suitable for grease lubrication. Operating temperature range for the seal is between – 40 and +100 degrees Celsius.

Permissible Angular Misalignment: Up-to 100mm shaft 1° and above 100mm 0.5°

Surface roughness on the shaft where seals interface – Ground surfaces having surface roughness Ra should be below 3.2 μm

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